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I just love this. That's all.


i have to echo ursula. this message is so encouraging to my new mama heart even (especially?) in my first year of being someone's mom. beautifully written!

Diana Watkins

You've been impressive since the day I met you, but I'm not sure I've been any prouder than I am right now.


Thanks ladies! Means so much coming from women I hold in high esteem. Trish, the first year is like nothing else! So tender and hard. Glad to encourage.


Love this, Taylor!

karen chaffin

So true, so seldom remembered! I LOVE the last paragraph! Made me cry. Powerful image!


Amazing and beautiful! I'm teary eyed now. :)Being a mama of 4 too, I can relate to everything you wrote and it's so true! We have the best job in the world! I couldn't be more blessed than to be a mama! Can't wait for your next post! :)


This is so good. Thank you for sharing how God is speaking to you and for being an encouragement to other moms.

Wendy Blight

What a beautiful message for moms but also for all of us who sometimes fail to see God in the everyday mundane responsibilities of life. Thank you for reminding me to look for God and see what He is doing in my midst each and every day!!


Wendy Blight


Taylor- Thank you for summing up so sweetly the essence of being a mom. Being mom is more important and more difficult than any job I will ever do. I pray daily that God will be glorified in my everyday work. Love you girl!!

Becky Kopitzke

This is fantastic. Your mom introduced me to your blog and I'm so gad she did. Blessings to you and your family today!

Jeni Ward

Praying for you and Andy in the ordinary and often ornery parts of parenthood...=)Jeni

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